bird growing

meat processing
Our advantages:

– Adherence to the technological process that provides the freshness of products, good taste, attractive appearance and long-term storage.
– When the product is defrosting, there is minimal weight loss, which indicates that the poultry is not injected.
– Wide choice and individual approach.
– Loyal pricing policy to regular customers.

Poultry farming

Reliable partners, the use of modern equipment and the latest technologies help LLC. “Agrol” to produce products in a closed cycle, which provides consumers with tasty, affordable and healthy meat and competes in the Ukrainian, European and Asian markets.
We control the quality of our products at all stages: from the cultivation of cereals and oilseeds to meat processing, we ensure the optimal cost and affordable price on store shelves.
We get consistently high performance due to compliance with the technological processes of poultry farming, highly motivated and qualified staff at all levels.

Meat processing

The company “Agrol” has a modern slaughterhouse with a wide range of meat processing, namely: automated cutting of poultry and its evisceration, packaging, cooling and freezing system.
Delivery for slaughter is carried out from own production sites, and also establishment of long-term cooperation with operating poultry farms of the Western region of Ukraine, for ensuring uninterrupted functioning of shop is provided.
With the introduction of the latest technologies, we provide our customers with consistently high quality products, take care of continuous improvement and expansion of the range for our customers.